Type: Game/Software
Plattform: PC

Extreme Rally Raid is a 3D PC game under development, close to rally raid races experiences, as the name is saying. The rally raid offer extreme races, long and strong stages, in natural environments with a lower human intervention. Is an idea and development of Punto Simu.


  • Real world maps: scenarios from real locations with accurate elevation and real scale
  • Original 3D models, inspired by real cars
  • Drive with a roadbook like the professional rally drivers
  • Realistic car physics
  • AI drivers
  • Stages with different length, shorts and bigger, from a few minutes to a one hour or more to race
  • Dynamic weather and time
  • Visual and mechanical damage
  • Multiple controllers allowed: steering wheel, keyboard, mouse, gamepad, joystick
  • Diferent races types: Extreme Raid, Novice Raid, Shakedown, Challenges. From casual to hardcore gamers can find an option to play here!

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