Type: Track
Game: Assetto Corsa
Length: 4.080 m
Garages: 24


This race track was opened in 1969 with this fast layout that includes three banked corners. Unfortunately this awesome main layout wasn’t used often and was abandoned. Almost 20 years later this layout was restored, modifying three zones to be able to receive the national series.


The track can be used with and without CSP, but we encourage you to use with CSP, due come configured with GrassFX and RainFX.

Changelog Version 1.1

  • dynamic flags
  • start lights
  • groove
  • skidmarks
  • new building
  • real sponsors feeling
  • improved textures and shaders: road, grass, walls and more
  • improved cars and vegetation


Just drop the folder in ‘assettocorsacontenttracks’. The pdf file is just a gift and is not needed to run the track.


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